Creative thinking.

Text graphic asking “Is creative thinking disruptive or adaptive? Does it matter, maybe it’s both?”

However, there is a new model that comes by way of teaching, the new gold rush is education, practical and inspirational education. Where various professionals are sharing secrets, knowledge, and techniques, this model is highly sought after and some are handsomely paid for it.

The most important function of teaching is to set and maintain the valuable standards and offerings of the industry, the more people know how to do the things they do, properly, right even…the more valuable the industry becomes. An industry’s value is based on the people that contribute to it.

As it was many years ago, the teachers and apprentices passed on knowledge to future generations, and the many brand houses we admire today are built on deep foundations and principles of providing quality solutions to problems.

There is a place for on-demand services, this is why they exist, they filled a hole others can’t or do not wish to fill. I do not perceive them as threats to the industry if anything, but they are competing.

This is the true disruption, not Fiverr and other on-demand services. We often adapt to new tech but sometimes the tech is repurposed because of creative thinking. On-Demand services are merely services for those who do not appreciate, do not know how to value and in many ways, cannot afford other services, or more likely chooses not to.



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Phillip J. Clayton

Phillip J. Clayton


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