The Chicken or The Egg?

Managing a brand is not easy, consumers are tough judges. Anti-corporate types of people will look for reasons to chastise brands and show their “evil ways”, and the larger the brand the more vulnerable it is. When it comes to social and societal issues, brands have a responsibility as corporate entities, they need a certain amount of awareness and relevance about what consumers' perceptions are, as well as those perspectives of the general public. It is less about what “we think as a brand”, and more about “are we aligned with what’s happening?”

It’s easy to judge Burger King (UK), for their cheeky headline recently on Women’s Day. A few years ago, it would have been witty, and everyone would laugh, but even back then, it would have still been a headline that made a joke at the expense of women.

Burger King (UK) Women’s Day Tweet thread— 2021
Burger King (UK) Women’s Day print ad — 2021

The power of copywriting goes both ways, bad copy is just as impactful, if not more impactful than good copy. The copywriter is the nucleus to great advertising, timing dictates relevance and whether the copy is good or bad. The real-world response is not priceless.

Good copywriting is rooted in savvy creative writing, the witty, sarcastic, a bit of cynicism, but mostly a metaphorical ability to write while speaking to something important. Critical thinking produces great creativity because it asks a lot of questions.

Now, about the chicken and the egg…the answers are varying amounts and depend on the information you have or perspective you take.

What about the rooster…

The common metaphor made possible by Darwinian principle, aka, the common more popular question of which came first could be attributed to the circular feedback loop process — an action is done, and it receives a response, this response or behaviour is observed, and analyzed, which ultimately induces another action, but the new action is changed based on the observed response — which dictates that it matters not which came first if the supply chain is consistent quality.

In all cases, men or women, these people must be qualified.

What the Burger King’s (UK) headline should have been if we are going for savvy and witty, came afterward from Hunt, Gather, supported by a positioning statement — “We’re tired of being told our place is in the kitchen so we created some cool shit to fight sexism. All proceeds go to Girls Empowerment Network.”‘Women belong everywhere’ under the URL

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