The problem of EASE.

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No, no, it’s secret door number three!

The consumer/user was not part of the development process, this means the product was designed based on how the company believes it should be. Notwithstanding, some things can be limited by material and present technology…if part of that thing can be removed to work differently, work as preferred, then material and technology may not be a valid reason.

We see it all the time, something is manufactured but most who use it, do not use it as intended. Something they do not like about it or it’s just not doing the job effectively. Keri Roberts shared in a recent post on LinkedIn (for which I cannot find at the moment) about “EASE of use.” observing the behaviour of people and developing a proper process, creative or otherwise.

Perhaps, an additional reason is that the education part from the company and brand side was not clear. But I am inclined to believe that the consumer is just not happy.

Some of this can be fixed after production if there is a clear understanding and observation of consumer response. However, most times products with these issues stay unchanged for many years, and we hope that it’s because of R&D (Research and Development).

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Phillip J. Clayton

Phillip J. Clayton

Brand Design & Development | Brand & Marketing Judge: | Writer | Art & Design | Advertising | Creative Director

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